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About Us
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1.Enterprise Mission:

   To create an excellent enterprise with core competitiveness and contribute to the establishment of a harmonious society and the promotion of regional economic       

   development,create profits for the enterprise and build a platform for employees to realize the value of their lives.

2.Enterprise Spirit:

   Integrity, Pragmatic, Struggle, Innovation, Health, Happiness, Safety, Wealth.

3.Enterprise Goal:

   Become the leader of the magnetic component industry.

4.Enterprise Values:

   Maximize the employees' ability utilization,enterprise benefits growth,regional economic contribution and social benefits radiation.

5.Enterprise Business Tenet:

   Employees,enterprises and society are all in one,growing up harmoniously and developing together.

6.Enterprise Business Orientation:

   Focus on one industry,meanwhile develop other new businesses,complement advantages with each other,and develop all businesses synergistically.

7.Enterprise Operation Philosophy:

   Create value for customers,create dividends for enterprises,create wealth for employees,and create contributions for the society.

8.Enterprise Management Policy:


9.Enterprise Quality Policy:

  Reduce cost and improve continuously with the premise of guaranteeing quality and delivery date.

10.Enterprise Management Concept:

    Bind staff together with enterprise culture,rein willfulness with system,realize value of life with career.

11.Enterprise Innovation and reformation Concept:

    We innovate and reform constantly,innovation and refromation is most important,is the life of our company.

12.Enterprise Recruitment Concept:

     We entrust those who have virtue and ability with important post,we cultivate those who have virtue but lack of ability,for those who have ability but without virtue we'll be very cautious,and for those who without both of virtue and ability we'll never employ.

13.Enterprise Retaining Talent Concept:

     We retain talents by offering them corresponding salary and a promising career,building a better enterprise culture and creating a warm atmosphere.